About Us


There's a reason we believe in travel: it's shaped our lives. Every trip is an inspiration, and that's what stands at the center of Travel Pioneers. 

We are a team of two cross-cultural, premium travel consultants, dedicated to designing the journey of a lifetime
for you.


Katrin von Enden

Katrin, although born in Germany, spent the majority of her childhood in Asia and later lived in Costa Rica. Because of her early exposure to unique cultures,
she developed a passion for exploration, which has led her to custom-plan travel experiences for
exclusive clients for over 10 years.



Mobile: (+1) 646 824 2064

Direct Line: (+49) 040 22611 421


Catalina Herrera

Catalina grew up in the outskirts of San José, where her family owns a coffee estate she often visits during weekend getaways. The aroma of coffee and the natural beauty that surrounded her childhood home, ignited the passion for her country and eventually led her to tourism. 



Mobile: (+506) 8844 8727

Tel. USA: (+1) 917 267 7473

Direct Line: (+506) 2215 3482



For nearly 10 years we worked alongside each other, until we decided to create Travel Pioneers. The passion and energy we put into our work provides clients with seamless travel coordination for all stages of planning, booking, and enjoying of hand-crafted journeys throughout Latin America.

We've discovered that the secret lies in the cultural nuances, and that's why we want you to get the most out of your trip. We are not just planning a vacation, we're creating memories that last a lifetime. 

¡Buen viaje!


Travel Pioneers vision is to inspire travelers and truly make a difference in their lives. We aim to contribute through experience, and by working hand in hand with local communities in Latin America.  Being entrepreneurs ourselves we know how important it is to follow your dreams and passion regardless of the obstacles and what other people, even close friends and family members, may tell you. We support Coffee Kids giving a younger generation the chance, hope and support needed to grow. Plus, we love coffee 😊  

About Coffee Kids

Coffee Kids partners with communities to foster the creativity and entrepreneurial spirit needed to protect the future of coffee farming. Founded in 1988, Coffee Kids was the first nonprofit within the budding specialty coffee industry dedicated solely to improving coffee farmers’ quality of life. In the 27 years since Coffee Kids’ inception, we have partnered with over 200,000 coffee-farming families in over 400 communities, and a generous base of supporters from both within and outside of the coffee industry to empower farmers to improve their lives and livelihoods.