Shopping For The Culturally Curious


How is this market special?

It’s the most authentic, colorful and creative place to find artisanal goods and typical foods, fauna and flora in Guatemala. In need of some cattle? Perhaps some chicken livers, wooden toys, exotic bird feathers, masks or bright textiles? Chichicastengo has all of it and more. 


Copal en mercado chichicastenango.JPG
Textiles in San Jorge Atitlan.JPG

Who are the sellers?

Roughly 45,000 people live in Chichicastengo, but many more fill the town on Sundays and Thursdays, for the market. Often times people set up camp the night before, right where they will be selling things. The majority of locals are K’iche’ Maya, meaning you will be directly contributing to the community. 


Mayan artisan.JPG

What we love most about it

It’s a feast for the senses: smells, colors, flavors, 31 different Maya languages and a whole lot of folks calling you “amigo”. 


What’s the story behind it?

The town of Chichicastengo itself is a melange of Maya and Spanish customs. The cemetery and church, for example, both serve indigenous and Catholic rituals. 

Mercado Chichicastenango.JPG