Discover Granada On A Horse Carriage

Don Paco Horse carriage City tour Granada.JPG


Why we love the horse carriage

It’s a family-friendly, off the beaten path activity that authentically introduces you to Latin America’s oldest colonial city.

Laguna de Apoyo.jpg

What you will see

Pastel-colored buildings with red-tiled roofs, palm trees, Spanish, Moorish and indigenous influences, colonial streets, churches and parks. 

View fom the Isleta Granada.JPG

Where you should get off

At the heart of the city: Calle La Calzada. Browse through the museums, shops and cafés, while street performers set the mood of this cosmopolitan gem.


You can’t leave without...

Going to the Museo San Francisco and the Convento. Both places harbor the rich history of Granada (from pirates to European expats and indigenous roots).