Volcanoes With A View

View from Volcan Pacaya towards Agua & Fuego Volcanoes.JPG


Why we’re impressed

It’s an encounter with lava. You get bragging rights for life. 


How to get there

Depends on your level of a) adrenaline and b) endurance. Either you hike for an hour and a half, or you choose horseback riding. Both guarantee exciting landscapes and the perfect adventure for nature lovers.


Pacaya Volcano Guatemala.JPG

Why you’re in for a treat

At some points of the hike you’ll get so close to the lava, that you will literally get to roast marshmallows. Also, be on the lookout for oranges. Locals will offer you “naranja con pepita”, a deliciously peeled orange with ground pumpkin seeds and salt on top of it. It’s glorious, eat it!


What you’re bringin back

Jewelry made of lava rocks, courtesy of what is likely the most remote souvenir shop on the continent.


Lago Atitlan Panorama 2.jpg


What you won’t forget

The moment you see the Maya ruins peaking atop the jungle when you’re approaching Tikal. It’s a powerful and magical sight.